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Hello girls! Does anyone know of or has anyone worked with an Agency that doesn't have a BMI restriction?

I know my BMI is high but I am healthy (active, don't smoke, smooth pregnancy with healthy baby), and I really want to help a couple become a family.

I have thought about going independant but since this is my first surrogacy I wouldn't really know how to get started and what needs to be done.

Someone help!! :)

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I'm probably no help to you since I live in Canada, but before my first Surrogacy my BMI was 32 and my IVF clinic never once asked my weight or anything. 


Best thing to do as your first getting started is research like crazy.  I spent 2 solid months researching everything from the procedures to the laws before even approaching IP's.  Ask questions, and be patient.  you really don't want to rush anything. 


There are lots of people here willing to help.

Thanks Sara! I have been researching for about 2 years but just haven't found any agencies that will work with me yet.

I don't know of an agency but I do know of a couple of clinics in California who do not have a strict BMI. If you want their names please contact me. My former GCs BMI was 38 and they were willing to work with her.


Good luck!!


Yes I would love if you would get me the names of the clinics. Im so tired of being shut down everywhere I go. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. :)
hello i just finished my 2nd surrogacy for a bmi is a little high also but i carried my own child with no issues and had perfect preagnceys with my surro babies.i went independently.i think clinics are unreasonable with the bmi. People have babies every day and dont check the BMI b4 advice is look for your own IP's.
Thanks for the info! I guess I am just nervous about going it alone, but it looks like I might have to do it.


I am overwieght and have been all my adult life but it has not stopped me having my 2 children and 12 surrogate babies!  My blood pressure has always been perfect even when I was heavily pregnant with triplets.  I have always worked independantly but in England and Greece.  If you look on the agency price lists their fees are usually in the 10,000 dollars mark which is a lot of money, usuallu arounf the same money as the surrogate gets!

As long as you make sure you are compatable with your couple you should be OK.  I do not know much about the laws in USA so also make sure you are on the right side of that.


If you wanted to go outside of USA and work with a greek couple the clinics there do not have issues with high BMA as they have never even mentioned it to me.


Yes I do, please contact me directly.

BMI should not be the issue with an agency, it is really upto the RE to make that determination.  It's a shame that alot of agencys are screening on the medical side when it's not necessary because the surrogate ends up having to be rescreened with the RE and most of the information you allow the agency never gets forwarded to the RE.  HIPPAA laws are there to protect you and if I were you, I'd only allow the RE to do the screening, then when the time comes, complete a medical records auth for the agency (just to confer with the RE) and also the IP's for that surrogacy only.  I know this from experience as my gfriend had alot of issues then finally went to the recommended agency I sent her to.


Hi Sarah! I just sent you a friend request so that I can contact you directly. Thanks!

Wll it really depends where you are. I dont have a rescriction and the clinics I would with say as long as you are hieght and weight porportionate they are kool.  Alot of us are all boob so it makes us look heavier. They are thier keep looking. Where are you located

I am located in Maryland. And I am ALL boob so I know exactly what you mean. Its very frustrating. I am trying to keep my head up.

I know from experience no one at the clinic I worked with ever asked me to hop on a scale. According to all the BMI calculators I don't qualify for many ( my bmi is 31-33) depending on the day lol. But I am a size 12 so I honestly don't know why they use the bmi crap.


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