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So i've been informed you've all been told alittle story about me.

Well ladies before everyone starts bitching about what a con artist i am and asking how i can sleep at night the answer is.... I CAN!!!

I entered into a contract with a couple, everything was fine infact brilliant we did inseminations and to no surprise i fell pregnant.

From there onwards its been sheer hell. My phone rings constantly not only my landline but my mobile/ texts/ emails. I understand they want to hear from me but they didn't accept the fact i was busy and would return calls/emails/texts at a later date when i was free. i have my own family to take care of.

I made this VERY VERY clear and it was exceptionally difficult to do as i did and do still love this couple to pieces.

I thought it was all fine and sorted till it begun happening AGAIN. so i said look this needs to stop otherwise i'm finished. So i agreed to carry on everything was fine until they breached there own contract.

I didn't just up and leave i emailed her and text them telling them that this would be the case if the breach was not resolved. i am well within my rights here - that doesen't make me a bitch nor does it make me a scammer.

I even agreed to have an early scan for them which is assured is normal within surrogacy right before i was due to move - so as you can imagine i have ALOT more important things to do for my family as they come first in all of this.

You will have to excuse me if i'm not making a great deal of sense i'm quite annoyed right now as MY IPS just called a local doctor proclaiming to be me.

Which i'm sure your all aware is illegal.

My point being to all those people that have sat and made this women feel like i'm the bad guy and that she did all she could have done just stop.

You lot never seam to get both sides of a story before you sit and bitch about it, you take one side as gospel which is not the case.

I'm not perfect nor is my family and i don't claim to be. i am ALOT of things but im real.

You can all comment and bitch as much as you want from now on, i have a meeting with the police and the receptionist thats in tears thinking shes going to loose her job because of this women pretending to be me.

Those of you who are currently pregnant i wish you well.

The genuine good people who would love to be parents i hope you meet your match soon and you have a healthy baby/babies

And to the crazy asses who think this is acceptable well there aren't any words strong enough to use.

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soooooooooo if you are pregnant with your IF's baby.... thats not right for you to just get on with things and keep the baby.

of course people will jump on you as this is some ones elses child..not yours,if there were contracts in place then it never was your baby to contemplate keeping.

your ips have a rigt to know whats going on at all medical appointments and you have no right to with hold info concerning the wellbeing of thier child.

i hope at the end of this that you do the right thing and give this baby to its parents
I never intended to keep the child uf that was the case i'd have had another with my own husband. I never witheld any information from them either i told them everything fron the first time i was sick to all results. Its not the point she tried to get details from avdoctor if it was that innocent then you wouldent lie and pretend to be me thats down right ridiculous some poor womens now been sacked for what she did now tell me whos to blame for that. Not i.
so it leaves a huge question mak now over the situation,which im sure others here will ask..

what are you going to do with this baby?
I'm not a cruel person. This baby is half of me reguardless of how it was made. It will be a family decision on what happens but what ever it may be it will be done for good reasons.
So let me get this straight. You are pregnant with someone else's child and you will "make it a family decision on what happens"? You state that they breeched the contract, can I ask how? And does it then state in your contract that if the contract has been breeched you then make all decisions regarding this pregnancy?

I understand you have your own family to take care of but, I think you may not have researched Surrogacy well enough before beginning to understand that the pregnancy will most likely be the biggest part of your life for a while. Along with the pregnancy will come the parents of the child you are carrying. They will want to know every detail, and may want daily contact with you.

As far as your IM contacting the Dr. I can't really blame her, you are pregnant with her child and have cut off contact with her. Imagine how you would feel not knowing if your child is alive or not, and what will happen to that child.

I'm not taking sides because there is obviously much more to this story than what's been put out there, but just based on your vague post here I would have to say that you are in the wrong and should not keep this child from his/her parents.
Hows about yoy just stop. You quite obviously know very little about what has gone on si get off your high horse and quit preaching. Nor have i ever endangered this babies life quite where you got that from i dont bloody know.
Everyone will have there opinions on this all they like but this contract was breached and not on my part. I attempted to diguss any issues i had with them which didnt work. That does not mean that i have to go ahead with the prehnancy keep nice polite contact when there not sticking to there own agreement. I dont claim to be innocent in any of this at all but apprenrly everyone on here takes one side and makes thw other out to be the devils spawn. I have conversed with another liked, well respected surrogate on here and i took her advice and applied it. It simply didnt work this is not a new issue just because the uproars only just been mentioned
Report ahead... I didnt reply as im on my cell... Some people dont actually sit on there laptops all day however your welcome to the anwers when i am. Think what you like but the tests taken were ones they provided i have also done clear blue 2 doctors urine tests also.
well if you are on your mobile phone,how come you were in the chat?

you are the one that needs to sort your crap out and stop the BS...
i reckon you need a toilet roll to wipe your mouth instead of your back side as more crap coming out on here tan the usuall way...

maybe you should look to hire a jcb as its going to take one to dig you outta this crap hole you have jumped into
I feel bad for your IP' give GOOD surrogates a bad name. Get it together..its not a game,its a babys life. I hope your not use as a surrogate again...and thats my opinion. I could careless how you feel!
I feel bad for your IP' give GOOD surrogates a bad name. Get it together..its not a game,its a babys life. I hope your not use as a surrogate again...and thats my opinion. I could careless how you feel!
I feel bad for your IP' give GOOD surrogates a bad name. Get it together..its not a game,its a babys life. I hope your not use as a surrogate again...and thats my opinion. I could careless how you feel!


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