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I guess it's kind of way overdue. Me and my spouse have been together for 9 years now. We always knew we wanted to have children, and planned for it from day one. So we moved to Vancouver, BC from Israel (through California) in order to have children. We are right now a bit confused about the surrogacy laws in Canada, but we are trying to learn. At first we thought it's not possible, but now we understand it is... So we're checking all options. 
If you are looking to become a surrogate mother, we are a same sex couple, 33 and 35 (almost in both cases :) ) who lives in Vancouver BC. Both have the same first name (Yaniv), and are going to be great parents one day (soon), to great children. So, if you want to help us bring one of these kids (we hope for at least 2) to reality, we would be very happy to hear from you. 

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Hi there I am looking to be a surrogate again my first couple was from Isreal and I had 2 children for them and than last year I help my friend find a couple who needed a TS and they were from Isreal. In the last 6 years I have brought 37 baby's in to this world by having my friend become surrogates, I think it is the greastest thing to do. My twins who are 8 tell people that I have baby's for people that's my job.. I have got preganet on the first transfer all 3 times by my Isreal IVF Doctor.who is in the Valley.. So if your looking for a GS that has Insurence and is married and has been a surrogate before send me a note and we can talk.
You two are lucky to have the same name, it is beautiful. I would love to talk to you more and see if we are a good match, by your post, I think we would be great together. Since you want two children would you want them from the same surrogate? That would be awesome if I could do both for you. I am 25 years old and have two children of my own. I do not want anymore children but truly miss being pregnant and can not wait to be a surrogate. If you would like you can email me so that we can talk some more.

Sarah Batulis
Hello Gentleman,

I live in Spokane, Wa, USA, which is rather close in the scheme of things. I have a beautiful daughter and am just looking into the cause of surrogacy. A little new to it, like yourselves.

I am a healthy woman with little issues with family medical history, and none pregnancy related. (Not sure what would effect surrogacy). I am willing to do either Traditional or Gestational.

The main thing that I want to offer is a complete willingness to live through my nine months carrying your baby however you'd like. I know different people have hugely different ideas about what kind of behavior makes a good baby. I am even open to various kinds of birthing plans (for instance if you want your child born with no pain killers and such).

I would love to talk farther and I hope you find a good match to help start your family!

Not sure if your still looking but just in case :D

My name is Sandy I'm 22 Community college student, planning to go to Japan in my future. I am interested in being a surrogate mother of any kind, I'm willing to move or visit anywhere needed to complete this, I currently live in Oregon, but like I said I can easily move when ever where ever. I have had 4 children, 2boys 2girls all adopted to wonderful loving families (so that's 4 times the proof I won't bail), 0 miscarriages all my kids were with the same man... My1st daughter had pure black hair that slowly became blond with green eyes, 1st son light brown hair and green eyes, 2nd daughter dirty blond (maybe light strawberry?) brown eyes, 2nd son bright blond hair and very clear blue eyes. So I definitely know I can have a healthy baby. I'm 5'4" brown hair and eyes (sometimes depending on my mood they'll change to yellowish green)

I LOVE to read books, I enjoy math though I'm not perfect at it I enjoy doing it, the Gemini always comes out of me so I'm always asking questions out of no where and saying random info. Swimming, hiking, and camping are all great summer fun for me. BBQ's in the snow, bike riding, taking pictures, animals (but not spiders and such *eek*) these are all things I enjoy. My favorite colors are purple and green together.

If there is anything else you would like to know please email me back to ask :)
Hi, please look at my profile and let me know.

I am interested in talking with both of you regarding being a surrogate mother so you can start your family. If you are still interested then I look forward to talking with you.
I am an experienced Jewish gestational surrogate seeking a Jewish couple who may need my help in creating their family. I have worked successfully with a surrogacy agency in the past and am currently registered with two additional agencies, but I realize that offering my services independently will help contain costs and perhaps enable a couple to afford surrogacy where they otherwise might not.

I am Jewish by both parents and I meet the halachic (Jewish law) requirements of being a gestational surrogate for a religious Jewish couple. I have been thoroughly screened by my previous agency and will gladly release any pertinent screening results and medical records for your review.

My last surrogacy was for an Orthodox couple and resulted in a normal vaginal birth of healthy twin males at 36 weeks, 4 days. Birth weights were 4 lbs, 15 oz and 5 lbs, 2 oz. Neither infant required NICU care and were released to home with their parents on day 4 after delivery.

I found this experience to be very gratifying and would like to help another couple. I also understand that some Jewish couples require a Jewish surrogate and that Jewish surrogates are very difficult to find.

The couple I worked with is happy to recommend me and to answer any questions.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I am 29 years old, have two children of my own, have a supportive husband and family, and have no health issues. I am ready to start right away.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rachel Shuldman Salazar


if u need a donor Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions you have. I am ready to start right away.

I'm an unmatched GS looking for the right IPs :) Contact me if you're interested!

I am in Orange County, CA if interested, please contact me at



Hi there,

My name is Sara and was wondering how your search is going and if you have found a match?  I have recently completed the surrogacy journey for 2 of the greatest guys ever and would love to do it again.  Hope all is going well and good luck with everything :)

Hi my name is Megan. Im a stay at home mother of four. I have been look at being a surrogate for some time now and Im hoping to find a match soon. I have had three wonderful pregnacys all with all natral births. I nursed all three of my children for at least the first month of their life and believe that is the best start you can give a child. I live in Illinois close to St. louis Mo. If you have any qustions for me please feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.


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