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I am planning on being a "milk maid" for my IP's after the little one gets here. Having breastfed both my children I know how many benefits there is but I also know how much work goes into it. Your life revolves around breastfeeding and in this case its going to be around pumping. I am hoping to pump for at least 6 months. Has any surrogates done this? If you have did you charge for it and how much?  Any help with this would be great...thanks!!!!

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I will be doing this after the baby is born in January. I'll let you know how it goes.

TX2 Meagan February 4, 2009
"Pumpkin" due date January 4, 2011
I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate.

IMO I would only charge for the cost of supplies. ie. pump rental and bags. I personally wouldn't charge anything outside of that. I don't think there's anything wrong with charging though it is alot of work to take the time to pump every few hours.

How about charge based on the price of formula. Because if they didn't have the milk you were giving them they would have to pay for formula anyway. Break down an average price of formula by ounce and then charge by the ounce for breast milk?

If my IP's don't want donated BM then I intend to give to my own child or donate on milkshare.
I pumped for 6 weeks for all 3 of my surro babies. They took care of all expenses. Renting pump(deposit & monthly rental fee) & all supplies. I didn't charge anything for my time or milk. This was my 'GIFT' to the baby I helped grow, love & keep healthy for 9mths & it helped with my healing process(emotional & physical). They set up a FedEx acccount & once I had a good supply of frozen milk we shipped it Priority Overnite. They supplied the small ice chest. They emailed me a prepaid label , I called FedEx to have them pick up around 4pm they then had their milk delivered between 7:00am-10:00am.
They babies are such a big part of my family's life, my husband & 2 boys knew that there was no questioning "if" I was going to pump they expected me to but for how long. I decided on the 6 weeks becouse thats how long I was on maternity leave. Breastfeeding & pumping are a major commitment but they are all well worth it. I didn't have them latch on at the hospital due to that being an entirely different emotional bond. Although I did cry once & a while during my pumping(hormones & emotions) my boys would just sit with me & comfort me. My youngest would tell me "I know you miss him(baby) alot so do I but he's with his daddy's, where he belongs" The explanation I told him first.
I hope I helped and I'm here if anyone has questions.
I think that is wonderful Michelle! And I agree with you that pumping would help with the healing process. There's always milkbanks too incase IP's don't want the milk.
I delivered a surro baby on 10/20, and really wanted to pump for the baby. But, unfortunetly I could see the emotional hurt that the topic even gave the IM so I really needed to accept the factthat for me to even ask was going to make the connection for the IM harder. I breastfed all 4 of my own children and am a big breastfeeding advocate, so it was really hard for me to not give the baby this benefit. I am hoping my next surro baby I can have the opportunity to nurse at least for a while. Were your IP upfront abou wanting you to pump for them? Thanks for any imput.

How did it go? i was looking into it?

I am a expert at this :) I have been pumping for 17 months. I take Motherlove's goats rue and more milk plus special blend. I rent the hospital symphony. I freeze it in trays and then transfer to freezer bags. Check out my photos of milk. I charged 250 a week plus supplies and they pay for rental of pump. Feel free to email me with any questions.

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