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I am a 20 year old army wife. I live in Clarksville, TN and my husband is deployed. My husband will be coming home on R&R in july or august. we would like to start soon! Weve been unsuccesful with getting pregnant. My husband and I want to have a baby so badly, and we cant. So this is a option, I want to take it. Please give me your prices and everything, i'm new at this.

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You're trying to move about it to fast...............slow down, get to know people and then you can discuss these things later. No one is just going to jump up here and wanna be your SM without getting to know you guys first. I ca understand your anxious but take it a lil slower. Good Luck
Only reason im in a bit of a hurry is my husband is overseas, anything can happen. I dont mind waiting, I just dont want anything to happen.
Hello Rebecca, Ny name is Olivia. I live in Indiana. i am looking to become a GS. Please see my profile. Looking to get started right away.
This is what kill me about this site. Here you have someone post that they are 20 years old and have been trying to get pregnant with their husband since they were 16 and no one bats an eye at this? She has not stated whether they are even working with an RE and know for sure if a GS is even necessary. All she has posted is that her husband will be swinging through town in and a few months and wants to get this rolling in July/ Aug because of the time crunch. Do any of you responding to this have ANY idea of what is even involved the GS process?
You see someone post they are looking for someone and you jump on it without even considering the ridiculous time table she has given. Not to mention she is 20 years old, she will never find an RE willing to enter into a GS agreement at this age.
Please everyone do your research find out what being a GS entails and then start answering ads. It's not just a matter of "How hard could it be, I'm super fertile" "I had easy births" there is soooo much more to it than that.
I think Chrisine is correct in asking you to slow down. Are you currently working with an RE? Have they determined if it is male or female factors preventing you from conceiving? If you are not working with an RE this would be your first step in the process. They will handle all of the medical testing to determine the best route for you and your husband. You may find it difficult to locate an RE willing to enter into a GS arrangement with you based on your age. Once you have things figured out with the RE you will be able to move forward in finding who you will need to create your family. You may need a GS, an ED, and possibly a SD depending. There is so much more involved in this process then just locating someone willing to carry for you. Keep in mind also there is a 6 month quarentine required by the FDA for your husbands sperm before transfer. So even if you were able to locate a GS soon there are many things that could hold you up. Good luck to you.
I am new here also, I live in Maine, and really would just like to be able to help a couple complete thier lives with a child. I have been blessed with two daughters of my own, 15 and 11 years old now. I am healthy and wanting to help. I woldlike to get to know the people first, and if you dont think you have that kind of time then perhaps you should not respond
i would like to be able to speak with you, please email me a
I understand that you and your husband immediately want to start a family and I agree with the other advice that was giving to you. But are you really sure you are ready to be a mom? its a HUGE step and something to really think about and if your husband is in the service your basically going to be the only one taking care of the child for most of the time. I say this because i'm going to be 20 and I have 2 children already and I know how hard it is. But I'm willing to help you if this is something you and your husband are truly ready for. email me at
You know it does seem like you are very young and all to commit to your dream of a surrogates help to build your family, and I think so many people are responding negatively because for so many people who are 20 they don't always think every little detail through generally speaking but I feel that there are some people who are exceptions to that. Perhaps you are one. The girls are right though that you should take some time to figure out how you are gonna go about the process, and maybe in doing so it will give you time to really ask yourself if your ready for the huge commitment of seeking a surrogates help. If you've been trying for some time now to get pregnant it can be really frustrating. I'm sure this website you will find a lot of friends who will help you out. Keep your chin up. We know the pain your going through. We've been trying for 3 and a half years, and to be honest with you I wish we started when we were your age. There is a saying that goes something like this its better to regret what you did try to do in your life then to regret what you didn't do. Life is too short and none of us are promised tomorrow, so in some ways I agree and both disagree with the comments that others have made. I hope that you both find everything you are looking for, best of luck, and let us know if you need the support. Take your time with this process though, and get as much information as you can.
yes everyone is right but i think rebecca has her own feelings but she should wait and be relax otherwisw everything will go in a wrong direction .rececca the doctors told me when i was 16 that i can never concieve a babies but i did wait for 10 years that may be god do a miracle but now after 10 years i decided that i will go for surrogacy everthing will be alright the main thing is faith be faith on god best of luck
Dave, there is a difference between being negative and realistic. There is nothing wrong with Rebecca wanting to start a family at her age. The problem lies with the way she wants to create her family. She will NOT find and RE willing to enter into a GS arrangement with her at her age. This is not my rule but, one that the RE's have found reason to impose. She will also NOT find an RE willing to enter into a GS arrangement based on the fact her and her husband have not concieved in the past four years together, they will need to get to the root of the problem. This does NOT happen over night and will take many months to figure out. A July/August timeframe is out of the question and she and others posting to be her GS need to understand that.
I'm just wondering, have you researched the amount of money this would cost you? You are military, Tricare only pay for the pregnancy, not any other procedures to get the GS pregnant. Not to mention lawyer fees you will probably inccur- and possibly fees from the GS herself. I'm not trying to jump to conclusions, but are you trying to get your husband to knock someone up the "old fashion" way? hehe There are other websites for that :O)


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