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Looking for GS surrogate (surrogate agency) in Las Vegas (or close to Las Vegas).

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for GS surrogate in Las Vegas or close to Las Vegas

(actually, I think I would prefer an agency, since I do not know
anything about that), but how to find a good one (preferably the one that not cost a fortune).
Thank you very much in advance.


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I am not located in Las Vegas, but have transferred at one of the clinics there previously. If you don't mind a long-distance relationship, please contact me for further information.

Try this agency, Footsteps to Families. I don't know their fees, but they were recommended by the clinic I used.
If you are still looking for a surrogate I am in Vegas! Im 25,married. healthy, with two children. Message me if you are still needing someone! I dont work and have lots of time.
Hi My name is Sonni Myer I live in Oceanside CA Alot of people dont know where thats at so I Just say San Diego CA but I have a 14 month old son that is my pride and joy umm you can check out my profile or give me a call I can send you pictures of me threw a e mail i am 5'5 and weigh 140 my son was carried full term 40 weeks he weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches my fiance and i have been toghether for 4 years he is in the military and has been for 4 years we dont smoke dont drink dont do any types of drugs we are both really heathy and he is behind my 100% i am willing to travel umm if you
have any questions please feel free to ask hope to here from you soon oh my number is 760 458 1358 and my email is


hello im alice if you still interesting i could help you im living in las vegas nv, i never drink or smoke,i work, i like sports ,im responsable,im 20 years and im healthy if you want to know more about me and talk about it my email is


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