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How to Become a Surrogate Mother in Ohio

Surrogate mothers make it possible for couples who might otherwise be childless to begin a family.
Surrogate mothers make it possible for couples who might otherwise be childless to begin a family.
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A surrogate mother carries a baby to term in her own body for couples who cannot become pregnant or who opt not to go through pregnancy. The surrogate and couple sign an agreement that the child will be carried by the surrogate but given to the couple who provide the sperm and egg in return for the payment of medical expenses and a personal fee. Each state, including Ohio, has its own laws and policies governing the process. 

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    Begin by researching companies in Ohio that connect potential surrogates with couples seeking their services. As of November 2010, there were several reputable companies in the state, such as Ohio's largest surrogacy program, the New Hope Surrogacy Center in Chippewa Lake, or Reproductive Assistance Inc in Terrace Park.

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    Read the surrogacy guidelines, selection criteria, benefits and requirements for each company. Some companies serve several states, so make sure the company you are considering is authorized to accept surrogates from Ohio and offers contacts for the state. For example, The Center for Surrogate Parenting, a national company, accepts surrogates from Ohio and the counselors for the state are Barbara Cohen, LCSW-C and Hilary Hanafin, Ph.D. Choose the company with which you feel most comfortable and that best meets your needs. Consider the locations of the company and doctor's appointments and if the surrogacy program will allow you to visit doctors in your own city.

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    Download the application materials from the company's website or call the company to request a hard copy. Fill out the application completely and truthfully. Most surrogacy programs require that the surrogate mother be between 21 and 42 years old, although there may be flexibility, be a non-smoker, have carried at least one child before with a healthy pregnancy and be in general good health. Each program may have other specific criteria.

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    Submit your application. The company will review your application and if you meet initial qualifications, you will interview with the company. If you are approved by the agency and a family selects you as a surrogate, you will meet with the family and complete any necessary paperwork to begin the actual surrogacy.


*I know a few people who have bad experiences with New Hope Surrogacy Center though

*It is not necessary to go with a Agency!

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