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Hello there! I am a hopeful 2nd time surrogate living in Oahu, Hawaii. I am in my late 20’s and am healthy: I do not smoke, drink or do any drugs. I am in a loving, healthy relationship with my husband of 10 years and am a stay at home mother to 6 children.

I have delivered 6 healthy babies…5 of my own and 1 surrogate baby in 2008. I have had 3 vaginal births, a C-section then a VBAC with my surrogate son and another VBAC with my last child. I did have a complication in my 5th pregnancy and I will be more than happy to talk about it.

My husband is fully supportive in my decision to be a surrogate. My children have been nothing but enthusiastic and understanding during my first surrogacy. My children fully understood that I was a surrogate, that the baby I had carried was not their sibling but a child of great parents who are unable to carry their child the traditional way.

I do have medical insurance through my husband’s employer but I am looking for parents that will pay for insurance so I may be taken care of in a civilian hospital. Since I am smaller side, I do not feel comfortable carrying multiples.

I am only interested in kind-hearted and honest parents who are comfortable with every aspect (tests, transfers, delivery, etc) of our surrogacy to be done on Oahu.
I prefer to pursue our journey without an agency and I am available now! Please contact me if would like to know more about me and my family.


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