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I am Sarah Ket, i am 25 years old and i 8 months pregnant to be due in 3 weeks time, i want to give up my unborn baby for adoption to parent who has been dreaming to have a child on their own for long, I am giving my unborn child up for adoption because i was not prepared to be a mother now and secondly the father of unborn child abandon us . So i can not give the child the life she deserve and also want to concentrate more on my education. Please get back if you are that family that can give my unborn the life she deserve for more information (

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Your on the wrong site

I hope you find the family you are looking for. You are being a very unselfish person. Best of luck!

I'll take the baby...
Hi, my name is Dominique and my husband's name is Bill. Please we want a child desperately and have tried for almost 13 years to have one, if you haven't found a family, we would like to be considered, feel free to email us at:
Hi i would like to help

Please let me know if you are still looking .....((hugs))

I hope this little one finds a loving family to receive all the love she deserves. So she will never feel sad about anything. Every child deserves happiness.

I came across this post and felt so bad by reading this. Maybe I am wrong, hopefully I am. But parents and IPs. You need to be more carefull about this kind of things. I apologize in advance if I am wrong. But this is too fishy.

Why? 1st things you need to notice. This is not the kind of site to discuss such things as adoption. If i was in that situation do you think I'll try to find parents online instead an going with an agency? or at least a site dedicated to find adopting parents.

2nd. Things to be aware: She says she is 25 years old but her email is sarahket1988??? I am 25 yo and I was born in 1986, why would I go with an email address with the year 1988? It seems dumb an not relevant, but if someone is lying about this what else could they be lying about?? Another fishy thing is the hotmail account, when I myself use hotmail I found out that the best kind of email addresses to trust are gmail. Why? simple, they ask for a phone number to verify you identity, this is due to the high rate of spammers out there.

3rd Try to use common sense, google that person, try to find her/him social networks like facebook or twitter, my friends say you do not exist if you are not on facebook LOL. But it's kinda true. Almost everyone is there.

These things may not assure you 100% that a person is real or not, a scammer or an honest person, but at least helps with red flags like this.

I hate the fact that there are some people here trying to "scam" others, playing with their time and feelings and anytime I see something fishy I'll speak up my mind. 

Good luck to all of you.



 Mkndrmscmtru~~GSUnmatched That's why I said I do apologize if I am wrong, this is a post from January and the person didn't even reply (at least in here) to any of the other posts. 

1. I don't "judge" people for not having facebook, never said that, never will. I am so sorry you took it that way.

2. True, this is not the first post of adoption I see here either, and I am new to the site. Happen to find out those post were spam. Not saying all of those post are. But it's quite odd to try to find adopting parents on this site when there are plenty out there specialized in that matter.

3. I do not "prefer" gmail, in fact I myself use hotmail and I said it, but found out gmail is antispam as they ask you for a phone number to call you when you are in the process of creating an account. That does not mean is 100% safe. But at least is a good start.

4. I don't know if her birth year is 1988, that's something I assume (different from judging). And by itself is not a red flag, the number or names you choose may or may not mean anything. 

And finally I am deeply sorry if my post offended you in any way. It would just break my heart if I read later about this knowing that I found it odd and didn't say anything. I would totally understand AND apologize if this person replies to my post and is rude or is angry about my comment. But for other people to feel offended by a post I made trying to help this community, I do not understand.


i have in my email 76.. but im born 82. but when ill did my email 82 was taken with the rest of my name in email. so i took my husbands birth year insted. and im not a scam just beacuse i have 76 insted of 82 in my mail. it just was already taken from another person =)

Yes, I know it happens often. Numbers and letters may or may not mean anything but the facts that got my attention was the adoption related topic, even when I know there are a couple of posts out there, this is surrogate site, I've even seen post of people looking for dating! I know it must be difficult for moderators reading every single post, that's why in my personal opinion we should all be aware of things that may not go according to the nature of the site and that can also cause discomfort to both Ips and SM.

Again is my personal opinion because is my desire to be part of a community that not only is full of lovely, respectful and helpful people but also free of spammers :)

Even when dates and names may mean nothing, it also caught my attention that the date 1988 is in both her email and profile name. I looked into her profile would also like to add it seems to be fake, If you look into it she says she is divorced and is an IP looking for a GS or TS. 

Just something I wanted to share when I am not trying to "judge", I am trying to help.



of cousre this is a surrogacy site=) she should go to a adoption center for adoption.



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