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Beginning to look into GS and would like to find a surrogate in Northern California

I am really nervous about posting this as it's my first time on this site, and I am really very new to the idea of GS. From reading the postings here it seems like we are a bit of an unusual case. My husband and I are blessed with a loving 4 year old son. Had no problems conceiving -- in fact our son was conceived on our wedding night!

About 18 months ago, right around the time we started to go for #2 I suddenly became very ill with inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. I basically went numb from the shoulders down, couldn't walk, couldn't write, had double vision which required me to wear a patch, and a neurogenic bladder. In the end the docs couldn't figure out what caused the attack, but there's a high chance that what I have will come back, especially triggered by the physical stress of a pregnancy. Plus the attack left me with many residual problems, including a neurogenic bladder, which requires me to self cath and wear diapers, and causes endless kidney problems and twice has landed me in the hospital with sepsis. In short, OB doesn't recommend I carry a baby -- too many complications and risks. So here I am.

We've been through so much the past 18 months. I can't bear the thought of, on top everything else, losing the opportunity to have more kids. We have so much love to give to another baby. I'm not expecting any of this to be easy, and we are certainly not wealthy, but we've made the commitment, financially and emotionally, to do whatever it takes to make this happen for our family, even if it means we use up our entire savings.

The ideal surrogate for us is a woman who is already a mom herself, is married or in a stable relationship, is financially secure, well-educated, mature and caring and has the support of her husband or partner and kids to carry our baby. As a mom myself I understand what it's like to go through a pregnancy, and feel strongly about fair compensation for the physical discomfort, mood swings, pain, and emotional investment. But I don't think we could make this work with someone who is doing it purely for financial reasons. It's important to us to work with a woman who is genuinely motivated by her deep love of God and her belief that by carrying our baby in her body, she is doing God's work and healing the world at the same time.

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Hi Stephanie, I'm currently looking for potential IP'S please send me an e mail so we can chat further. God bless . Yadira
hello stephanie my name is shell i live in sacramento i have been married 3 years but with my hubby for 8 now im a mother of 1 beautiful baby girl she is 2 months old im new to this i dont know much about being a surrogate but after having my baby girl 2 months ago and feeling the joy that she brings us i want to help a family feel that same joy im looking for a family that will be very involved i want to hold hands through this journey well i would love to chat a little if you dont mind if you message me i will give you my cell # so we can chat and get to know eachother have a great night :)
Hi Shell, thanks so much for your email. I hope u are enjoying your baby girl. That newborn faze is so so special. Enjoy it as long as possible. We are still looking for a GS but we would like someone with at least 1 journey under her belt. I hope u find a wonderful match soon! --Stephanie
Hello Stephanie,
Thank you for posting your ad on the Surrogate website. First of all, I'm sorry for the physical struggles you've endured and the affects it has left. I do hope the other complications do not return. It is evident that you as parents have the love, caring nurture, and committment for another child.

I recently discovered this site and began searching for Christian couples and it appears that you share the same faith. I am a healthy and active 44-year old from Iowa who has researched surrogacy since November of 2008. Finally, last August I was matched with a wonderful Christian couple and I was able to experience an unforgetable journey. Sadly, however, the embryos did not implant and we were devastated. After a time of healing, I continued to feel God calling me to save embryos waiting for life and to make a difference in this world. In addition, I want to give thanks back to our Creator for giving me excellent health all these years. My husband and I are financially stable and live and work in healthy and safe environments (teacher and secretary). Our three daughters (20, 17, and 12) are a joy and blessing to have around. Because my desire to save a life and give a gift to a hurting couple is so great, I cannot ask to be paid. All I ask is that related expenses be covered.

Perhaps you've already found a suitable surrogate, and if so, congratulations! But if not, and you would like to continue a conversation, please reply.

P.S. Do you have embryos waiting? Would you consider adopting an embryo? (I especially have a passion for donor embryos.) I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much.

Hi Nora, thanks very much for your email. How incredibly giving of u. We are hoping to use my eggs rather than donor eggs, but I understand your passion and wish u only the best with your journey.
Good Afternoon,
not sure if your still looking but just in case :D

I am close friends with one of the owners of "Chosen International" it a program for adopted children to help them come to terms if they have difficulty to meet other children in the same situation. the co-owners name is Cindy she's a very loving women and was there with me threw my 2nd boys pregnancy and more, from the beginning we knew he would be adopted to a great family full of smiles and they always laughed. Chosen International has made a very big difference in my life, changed my outlook on it. before with my 1st boy and girl I was devastated and emotionally "crazed" thinking I was a bad mother ect ect. but then I became pregnant again with my 2nd son met Cindy and the others it really brought to light the good things about this. The fact that the baby would have a bright future a happy one with parents who would cherish him (them) as much as I ever could, that the parents would be able to experience and make the happy memories with their own child, for them to have a family it really mad me truly happy to be able to see them so fulfilled. When he was born they came to me crying from joy and even during the visit they cried the whole time they just couldn't stop, to be able to give that joy myself to someone and know it will be passed on to the baby we all cared so much for there's no word to describe how I felt and still do feel about that time.

My name is Sandy I'm 22 Community college student, planning to go to Japan in my future. I am interested in being a surrogate mother of any kind, I'm willing to move or visit anywhere needed to complete this, I currently live in Oregon, but like I said I can easily move when ever where ever. I have had 4 children, 2boys 2girls all adopted out (so that's 4 times the proof I won't bail), 0 miscarriages all my kids were with the same man... My1st daughter had pure black hair that slowly became blond with green eyes, 1st son light brown hair and green eyes, 2nd daughter dirty blond (maybe light strawberry?) brown eyes, 2nd son bright blond hair and very clear blue eyes. So I definitely know I can have a healthy baby. I'm 5'4" brown hair and eyes (sometimes depending on my mood they'll change to yellowish green)

I LOVE to read books, I enjoy math though I'm not perfect at it I enjoy doing it, the Gemini always comes out of me so I'm always asking questions out of no where and saying random info. Swimming, hiking, and camping are all great summer fun for me. BBQ's in the snow, bike riding, taking pictures, animals (but not spiders and such *eek*) these are all things I enjoy. My favorite colors are purple and green together.

If there is anything else you would like to know please email me back to ask :)
Hi Stephanie and Family, Please take a look at my profile. I had the best journey ever and looking forward to doing it again.


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