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Does anyone have any experience dealing with surrogacy lawyers in Pennsylvania? What are some of the typical fees they charge? How long does it take to draft up the initial contract and birth order documents?

Shikha TerBerg

PS: This is a great site. Thank you everyone for being so helpful.

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I don't know any specifics, like time or cost. I did a search for surrogacy lawyers (which you may have done already) and came up with a couple firms.

and this site seems to have specifics about PA laws:

I hope that helps even a little bit. I'm assuming you are the wonderful couple that Kristin is matched with? Congratulations! I hope everything runs smoothly!
Hi Sarah,

I did not know about these sites. You were very helpful. I will get in touch with these lawyers first thing Monday morning. I just have to keep the time difference in mind everytime I call someone in PA.

Thanks a lot.
Shikha TerBer
The issue in PA is that each county has it's own interpetation of the laws==so some counties will allow PBOs and others won't. There are a few attorneys in PA- but one I've heard of that comes well regarded is Lisa Clark. Hope that helps :)
Hi Jennifer,

Thanks a lot. I did speak to Larry and he was very helpful. I will either go with him or with another lawyer Dominic Farole. The latter attorney does not need 18 days to prepare the contract, so I may go with him, but both attorneys charge about the same.

~ Shikha


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